Vlad Goran

Frontend Engineer

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Quick Take

I’ve been working on the web platform for over 10 years.

I specialise in building interfaces for applications and live dashboards.

I absolutely love working on projects that involve either interactive data visualisation or media streaming. I’ve had extensive experience with both.

I’ve also mentored a few colleagues in my career and did training and workshops on React and JavaScript.

I'm currently available for hire in Berlin and for remote projects anywhere in the world.

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Work Experience

In this section you can find information about all of the positions I've occupied during my work life. You can get more info about each, including technologies used, learnings and team size by clicking to expand them.

  • 2019 Present

    Leadership over 4 engineering teams and a total of 20 people.

    • Leadership courses
    • Close collaboration on strategic aspects
    • Worked on streamlining the development process
    • Introduced Learning Initiatives: Book Club, Pairing Buddy System, How Does it Work?
    • Wrote a three part series on creating a Slack Bot for Github notifications 1 2 3
  • 2018 2019

    Team grows to 6 people. Leadership training and development.

    • Leadership training
    • More strategic involvement: Road map, Release planning
    • Article about i18n
  • 2017 2018

    Team grows to 4 people, we release a desktop version of our client using electron.

    • Web & Node Encryption
    • Service Workers
    • Electron OSX / Windows
    • FLAC parsing
    • Chromecast
    • Article about i18n
  • 2016 2017

    Classical music streaming startup

    • Single Page App
    • Babel / Webpack
    • ES2015+ / React / Redux / CSS Modules / PostCSS
    • Node / Express / SSR
    • Heroku / IMGIX / Sentry
  • March 2016 November 2015

    Trainer for 2 sprints

    • Sprint 3: Introduction to Java script - Slides
    • Sprint 8: Games with React - Slides
  • December 2015 August 2015
    Device HUB

    Romanian IOT Startup

    • React / Reflux / CJSX
    • NOFLO visual programming
    • Apache Storm, Kafka, Celery
    • 5-7 October 2015 - Attended Challenge UP! IoT Forum & Competition, Dublin round
  • August 2015 January 2013
    TradeIT | OKAPI

    Embeddable trading app for desktop and mobile

    • React / Reflux / Coffee Script
    • Desktop and Mobile clients
    • Gulp development
  • August 2015 January 2013
    Intercast Network | OKAPI

    Rich-media, interactive ad campaign creation platform, coupling live metrics with a live video feed and more

    • Backend & APIs inherited, maintained and developed built on ZF1
      • developed real-time dashboard using D3, jQuery, AMD and SASS
      • inherited self-service campaign creation setup; developed new features: i18n, asset management, video management and scheduling
      • developed Angular JS app for managing assets (video and images) and NodeJS backend:
        • ability to live-upload to Amazon S3 without refresh (with drag-n-drop)
        • integration with Amazon Elastic Transcoder and SNS service
        • multiple asset versions generation
        • support for HD / SD / Mobile uploads
        • grunt deployment (S3 versioned)
      • inherited, maintained and developed upon 3 NodeJS (express.js) services: analytics server, user action collector service and chat server
      • developed Jobs server in NodeJS (easy creation of new jobs, multi-processor with contained execution threads)
      • developed custom banner creation service in backend
        • banners with HTML5 video and real-time data
        • ability to preview live changes to the banner with the possibility of mocking data
        • ability to customise video source (youtube, uploads, ustream, etc), text and images
        • internationalisation (18n), flexible system for adding new languages
        • deployment of per-language script with bundled language using grunt
        • banners build in raw js on AMD using jrburke/r.js
        • developed iframe busters for several situations
        • optimised multiple deployment on one page (separate manager and banner script)
        • CSS built on SASS and compass
        • compatible with IE8 and library agnostic
        • tests for both manager script and banner script (karma, junit, jasmine)
        • semantic versioned deployment to S3 (and Cloud Front distribution)
        • documentation with diagrams and README
    • Intercast Frame (frontend)
      • inherited and developed jQuery based web-app with features customisable from backend
        • widget: chat, checkout, donation, newsletter, open-ended question, subtitles
        • possibility of adding polls, questions for users to answer, alerts and plain HTML, also within a set
        • displaying of playlist videos from various sources
        • integration of sharing services and login services: facebook, google, twitter and linkedin
        • customisable css / images
      • added ability to live swap widgets, ability to change product data on the fly, ability to change the video playlist on the fly, ability to change CSS / images on the fly
      • developed wide-frame layout of front-end for short partnership with AOL
      • developed adaptive solution with 4 layout breakpoints (mobile, widget, frame, wide-frame)
      • inherited and worked upon mobile layout: used flex-box, calc, others
      • developed upon existing CSS (in LESS)
      • moved development onto grunt, re-factoring, code-cleanup, documentation
      • helped implement improved user action tracking
    • Server activities / DevOPS
      • helped deploy instances on AWS EC2 + RDS + VPC setup, deployed load balancers
      • experience with AWS Route 53, Puppet, VPNs, Varnish, PHP APC, others
      • wrote simple deployment scripts in bash
      • all development done on git (dev / stable branches)
  • January 2013 August 2011
    Webstars LTD

    UK Agency, Bucharest Office

    • Worked on and build various UK client CMS websites
    • Built facebook apps for Stephen King contest
    • Worked on iPad Application - html5 - using Sencha Touch 1: api-driven, use of local persistence
    • Created Mobile Application - html5 - using emberjs: api-driven, use of local persistence, fluid design
  • January 2013 2010

    Romanian Agency working with US Clients

    • Front-end work on classowl.com - a pilot educational program for Standford
    • Build flash solution for LOM Diamantes - Mexican jewelry retailer: responsive layout, dynamic content, xml price matrix
    • Front-end work on facebook apps
    • Work on Intercast
      • Initial architecture planning
      • Created AS3 SDK for creating rich banners and expandable banners
      • Created embed scripts for expandable banners and rich banners - raw JS
      • Backend dashboard graphics - flash (2011)
      • Backend dashboard - html5 - using D3 (2012)
      • Work with S3 and Rackspace cloud servers
  • 2010 2007
    A3IDES | Webstars LTD

    Working remotely from Cluj for UK and Romanian clients

    • Maintenance and extension of pre-existing web solutions
    • Creation of new web solutions
    • Work on CMS / E-commerce websites
    • Work with Amazon S3 Hosting Servers
    • Various flash work: simple games, flash-maps
    • Various work with the Google Maps API
  • 2009
  • 2007 2005
    Image Web Dezign UK

    UK Based Agency

    • Implemented Flash & PHP solutions on multiple client websites
    • Integration with Paypal
    • Use of AJAX (XHR)
  • 2006
    La mama Restaurants

    Romanian restaurant chain

    • Custom Content Management System
    • Created online reservation administration system for the six restaurant chain
    • Reservation system linked with administrable menu
  • 2005
    Autogari RO

    First commercial client

    • Build client (transporter) backend
    • Calculator for fuel cost and efficiency